I was assigned to work on a live project for the Industry client, Labworks International Inc., for four months; 
I was the UX/UI designer of the project.

About the Client
Labworks International Inc. are experts in custom designing and constructing precision-controlled environments for the safe and reliable storage of temperature and/or humidity-sensitive items.

Problem Definition
Labworks International Inc. is looking to expand their presence from Canada to the larger US market which requires a revised digital strategy.

Proposed Solution/ Deliverables
Revised digital strategy, which is included:
• Current state analysis & Competitive Analysis
• User Research and Personas
• User journeys to support users’ goals
• Content strategy recommending types of content and structure for that content
• Wireframes and Prototypes of Website design

Current State Analysis​​​​​​​
In March 2021,  an audit of Labworks' existing website was conducted, evaluating the structure and content discovered there according to usability heuristics – design principles on which the recommendations would be based. This was to ensure the suggestions would address key areas of functionality rather than issues of taste.
Competitive Analysis
Based on the user personas we developed and the theme "we are trustworthy, reliable experts," we analyzed the websites of eight direct or near competitors according to the following criteria: 
• A detailed description of the company's portfolio of projects 
• Transparency of process 
• Client Information 
• A clear breakdown of the company's products and services 
• Appropriate Call to Action (CTA) 
• Social media presence 
• The ratio of media (text to photos and video) 
• Reading difficulty / jargon 
• Approachability and welcoming tone ​​​​​​​
User Persona
User Flow
Re-Design of Website Home Page - Wireframes
A quick look of the Prototype

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